About Indur

Founded by frustrated, self-reliant health nuts passionate about helping others create real results, we are here to start a movement that helps people look great in the mirror and live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. We believe that what you see on the outside is a direct reflection of the inside. Results-based health and wellness must start from within.

Feeling great starts with critical insight into what’s happening internally. Through easy and inexpensive medical laboratory services, you have direct access to diagnostic testing to objectively know what is going on inside so you can make better decisions about nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes -- all without relying on costly, inconvenient blood testing services from your physician.

Looking great starts with skin care products and nutritional supplements formulated with scientifically proven ingredients backed by significant research. Your body isn’t a lab rat. Marketing gimmicks won’t deliver results. And, there are just no magic pills, potions or lotions. Indur products alone will not make you skinny, muscled or beautiful, but they are clinically proven to HELP you along your journey.

We are here to serve you, with open minds and open hearts.


To help discerning men and women improve their health and appearance through direct access to laboratory services; wellness insight; and, healthy, effective supplementation and skin care solutions.


To cut through a crowded, ineffective, cookie-cutter industry with a contemporary approach to health and wellness that helps millions look their best by supporting a lifestyle of empowerment and control regarding one's own physical health and appearance - from the inside out.


Life is hard no matter what. It's all about how we INDUR.


innovation, integrity, health, diversity & equality and results.

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