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Live a Better Life.
Take Control of Your Health.
Our Approach

If you’re like most people, getting and staying healthy and fit is a daily struggle. As we get older, we have to work even harder. But when we feel good and are happy with the way we look, our self-confidence increases, which translates to healthier relationships, better performance at work, at the gym and at home, and even increased longevity. Desperate to feel, look and perform our best, we often turn to fad diets, exercise, overrated supplements and advice we get from family, friends and social media. We’ve even turned to our doctor to seek answers, only to be given impersonal advice and a prescription for our symptoms. Our problems remain unsolved.

INDUR realized there needed to be a smarter approach to healthy living. So, we created one.

We’ve worked with some of the most innovative health and fitness experts in the world to create a simple and effective system, to help you look, feel and perform your best. INDUR will eliminate the guesswork and provide a plan tailored specifically for your body, based on science, to optimize your heath and appearance from the inside. Your body holds all the answers you need - not the internet, not a self-help book and not your friends and family. Get advice from leading medical practitioners, and in some cases, receive necessary medical treatment to help you optimize your health. When you integrate our medical-grade supplements and skincare products, you will be on the fast-track to better health.

We’re fixing a broken healthcare system by allowing you to better understand your body and allowing you to take better control of your health. Why treat your symptoms, when you can solve the problems?

Get Tested
We analyze key biomarkers that will provide your starting line and allow INDUR to provide impactful recommendations to get you on the road to better health. Testing your blood will eliminate the guesswork allowing you to understand exactly what your body needs in order to meet your health and fitness goals. Work smarter, not harder.
Testing with INDUR is Easy!
Choose one of our test packages that best suits your health and fitness goals or build you’re own.
Tell us about your medical history, lifestyle and nutrition behaviors. This information is necessary to create custom recommendations.
Visit one of our 2,300 U.S. lab locations to submit your blood sample. No doctor visit required.
Securely review your test results and get custom recommendations through INDUR IQ.
Discover & Improve

INDUR's robust technology platform was built to help you manage your health. Utilizing your detailed personal information, along with thousands of data points and an extensive database of peer-reviewed scientific studies, we create individual recommendations and customize your path to optimal health and performance. Our system is smart, easy to use and puts the power of taking control of your health in your hands.

Get Easy-to-Understand Insight

Don’t take a backseat to your health. Take control! Our intuitive platform will help you better understand your body and the impact each biomarker is having on your health.

Get a Personalized Plan

Which diet? What supplements? Why can’t I lose weight? What foods should I eat? An INDUR test panel will eliminate the guessing. Our system creates a custom plan of action, based on your biomarkers to help you reach your goals.

Get Customized Recommendations

We make it easy to optimize each biomarker. You'll receive customized lifestyle, nutrition, activity, and supplement recommendations to help you get on track.

Get Expert Advice

INDUR offers one-on-one consultations with board-certified physicians for even more insight into your health. From losing weight and balancing hormones to preventing disease, INDUR Health Advisors take a holistic, non-invasive approach to healthy living. Our Advisors give you the time and attention necessary to help identify potential health risks and opportunities for improvement.

INDUR Health AdvisorTM
Health and lifestyle advice from a professional.
What You Get
Expert Health Advisor
Proper Time & Attention
Comprehensive Action Plan
Effective Care Oversight
Access To INDUR Telehealth
Use Supplements and Skincare

Over-hyped, under-performing nutritional supplement and skincare products have been the standard. Not anymore. Use our science-backed nutritional supplements and medical grade skincare products to help reach your goals faster. You get exceptional value and quality since we cut out the middle men and sell directly to you.

View Trends Over Time

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Check in on your biomarkers over time to see the differences that diet, supplement and lifestyle changes are making on your health. The INDUR IQ Dashboard lets you track your progress over time, giving you the insight you need to make healthy decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an INDUR testing panel different from what I get in an annual physical?

When you get your annual physical from your medical provider, they often analyze basic biomarkers such as cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides. While these are important, looking at only basic biomarkers doesn’t give you a holistic view of your health and certainly doesn’t help you biohack your body to look, feel and perform your best. INDUR’s comprehensive panels give you the insight you need and want. You’ll get individualized optimal biomarker ranges and lifestyle, supplement, nutrition and exercise recommendations to help you optimize your biomarkers. You likely don’t get that from your medical provider.

Can’t I get these tests through my doctor for free?

INDUR offers advanced diagnostic tests, like performance hormones, advanced thyroid, and men and women's health biomarkers that you may have a hard time ordering through your doctor. If you have insurance, most insurance companies consider these advanced tests exploratory and unnecessary and will deny coverage. The out-of-pocket costs for our panels, if ordered by your doctor, could range from $1,200 to $3,000. But yes, you can likely get a simple glucose and cholesterol test as part of your annual physical for free.

I'm not satisfied with the current healthcare system. How does INDUR help?

INDUR exists because we think the healthcare experience can be so much better. Our healthcare system focuses on treating symptoms, not the cause. We think thats crazy! When the root cause of problems can be corrected, you will automatically feel better. We also offer a unique model where you have unrestricted access to your data and we provide customized recommendations to help you achieve your goals. We are giving you total access to your health and presenting it to you in a way that’s easy to understand.

Can INDUR Supplements and skincare really help me look and feel better?

Supplements don’t make people healthy or build great looking bodies and skincare products won’t magically turn back time. Proper exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices do. And that will never change. Nutritional supplements and skincare products will never overshadow exercise and a healthy lifestyle and diet. That said, there are safe, natural substances that have been scientifically proven to boost strength, muscle endurance and growth, fat loss, general health and well-being, and more. Use INDUR products to support a healthy lifestyle fast track your results.

Why don’t you offer at-home testing?

Giving a blood sample from the comfort of your home is nice, but there are some big disadvantages. INDUR panels are extremely comprehensive and many of our tests aren’t available in at-home collection kits. We also give you the ability to customize the tests in your panel, which you can’t do with an at-home test. Our process is also much quicker than at-home testing. You can visit the lab the next day, after you place your order, and you don’t have to wait on something to be shipped back and forth to a laboratory.

I’m having a hard time getting fit. Can INDUR really help?

If you want to look, feel and perform at your best, you have to start from the inside. Your blood really does have the answer. INDUR is a more scientific approach to loosing weight, building lean muscle and optimizing your overall performance. After we analyze your blood, we’ll tell you what you should eat, how you should exercise, what supplements to use and lifestyle changes you might want to implement. Yes, we can help!