You Bring The Will. We Bring The Way.

Everyone has a different path to personal health, and we’re here to help you find yours. We believe in the power of science and technology to make the journey simpler.


Get Tested


Choose a Package

Choose a testing package and customize it with add-ons like food sensitivities and gut health.


Get Blood Drawn

Visit one of our 2,400 lab locations or choose our in-home service and we’ll come to you. Results in 7-10 days.


Home Collection

Complete your saliva collection at home. Once complete, ship it back in a prepaid shipping package.


Get Expert Advice


Talk to a Doctor

Connect virtually with expert integrative doctors to help understand your results and identify health opportunities.


Custom Dashboard

Our system offers a simple visualization of your test results and a custom roadmap to optimal health.


Optimal vs. Normal

Get personalized optimal ranges for your biomarkers. “Normal” lab ranges can be deceiving and still leave you at risk.


Implement Your Plan

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    Eat the Right Foods

    We’ll tell you what foods you should eat and foods to avoid. Our database includes over 1,000 foods.

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    Exercise with Purpose

    You’ll get specific exercise recommendations to help you better meet your goals.

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    Make Healthy Habits

    Get easy-to-implement lifestyle changes to help you build a healthy foundation.

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    Use Supplements that Work

    Take supplements proven to improve your suboptimal biomarkers and help you reach your goals.

We Make it Easy!

Gone are the days of cabinets and suitcases full of pill bottles. We sort and package your supplements in convenient multi-dose packaging.


Track Your Progress



Get on-going advice from your health advisor.



You’ll get a custom follow-up testing package to monitor your target biomarkers as you implement your plan.


Check In

See the differences that diet, supplements and lifestyle changes are making on your health and make changes over time.

You may be curious...

Our advisors are available to help you understand if INDUR is right for you.

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