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What’s inside mattersComprehensive Diagnostic Services
INDUR TEST is an easy and comprehensive diagnostic service designed to provide you with the information you need to make better nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices. When your Doctor does a routine checkup with a few key blood tests, the only feedback you likely receive is when something is wrong. INDUR TEST interprets your results and gives you recommendations necessary to biohack your body to help you look and feel your best and reach your health and fitness goals faster. Take control of your health!
It's easy
Choose one of our specialty test panels that best suit your heath and fitness goals or build you’re own.
Visit one of our 2,300 lab locations nationwide. No appointment required.
Securely review your test results and get custom recommendations through INDUR IQ.
Implement INDUR recommendations and watch your body and health transform.
Know where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Track your test results and progress over time.
Eliminate Barriers to Success
Did you know that common issues, such as hormone imbalances or metabolic disorders could be holding you back from losing weight and or gaining muscle?
Valuable Health Information
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, undiagnosed chronic diseases and poor cardiovascular health can cause significant health issues. INDUR Test helps you understand what’s happening in your body to make necessary changes to be healthier.
Data-Driven Wellness
Stop guessing, know the facts. INDUR Test gives you the scientific data specific to your individual mechanics. You’ll get customized recommendations to help you customize tailoring a nutrition, supplementation and fitness program to expedite your progress and get the results you want.
focus on your body goalsVitamins & Supplements Built on Science
INDUR SCULPTis a comprehensive line of vitamins and supplements built on science with clinically proven ingredients and dosages, not proprietary blends and marketing gimmicks. We focus only on what your body needs to give you the edge and get the results you want. Stop experimenting. Use the knowledge gained from INDUR Test and the INDUR IQ recommendation tool to help tailor products that are right for you and your goals.

Maximize Performance
Your body may not be getting what it needs from diet and exercise alone. Incorporating supplements can provide your body what it needs to naturally maximize performance and improve results.
Enhance Health
If you’re a health nut looking for a more advanced, data-driven wellness program, you’ll understand the importance of utilizing quality nutritional supplements to address health concerns and enhance your overall health. INDUR Sculpt products are designed to work from the inside out.
Accelerate Progress
While a proper nutrition plan and consistent training program are the critical building blocks for success, incorporating supplements can help accelerate your progress to help you feel and look better. Nothing can take the place of pure determination and hard work, but an effective supplementation program can certainly fast track results.
Put your best face forwardHigh Performance Skincare
INDUR GLOW is a high-performance skincare line that cleanses, nourishes and protects your skin while correcting damage caused by sun exposure and aging. Indur Glow is more cost effective and powerful than any skincare treatment you can get over the counter.
Don’t Forget Your Face
We spend countless hours perfecting our bodies, but our faces are often what make the first impression. Our skin needs attention, too, if we want to look our best. Complete your body’s transformation with skincare products that are clinically proven to get results.
Healthier Skin
Did you know that sun exposure is the leading cause of aging skin? Glow products are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and sunscreen to protect and give your skin a healthy and more youthful look.
Powerful Results
Our approach to skincare - It is easy to use, effective and affordable. Our medical grade products are made with the strongest ingredients available without a prescription. We can guarantee powerful results in just eight to twelve weeks.
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We areNever complacent. Conscious about our appearance. Passionate & concerned about our health. Aware of what we put in our body. Constantly transforming our mind, body and soul. Dedicated to seeing results.
  • “I got tired of trying every diet out there and failing. Indur got me healthy and helped me lose weight the right way.”Suzanne C.
  • “I've been an avid user of supplements for years and I can assure you that INDUR does it right. These supplements are top quality and very competitively priced.”Brandon M.
  • “I haven't had this much energy or felt this good in years. I've improved my key biomarkers and am starting to notice changes in the mirror too.”Sarah K.
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