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INDUR Health Advisors are licensed Naturopathic or Medical Doctors who share our belief in holistic and non-invasive treatment. They have significant training in nutrition and diagnostic testing. Our Advisors

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Transform the way you look and feel by measuring biomarkers that impact your ability to get healthier, lose weight and gain lean muscle. The foundation package s a powerful tool for both men and women serious about changing the way they look and feel.

Get an advanced, comprehensive analysis of your cardiovascular health. Ultimate combines the biomarkers of Foundation with additional insight into cardiovascular health and inflammation.

This is the most comprehensive and exclusive testing available. It was created with health, fitness and anti-aging enthusiasts in mind. Ultimate combines the biomarkers of Foundation and Premier with additional insight into vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oxidative stress and toxic elements.

Great For

Foundation is perfect for people who don’t have a family history of heart disease and aren’t suffering from chronic disease, pain or mood disorders.

  • Losing weight
  • Increasing energy
  • Managing stress
  • Identifying inflammation
  • Balancing hormones

Designed for people who have a family history of heart disease and/or are at-risk for heart disease and who suffer from slight pain or mood disorders.

  • Reducing cardiovascular risk
  • Creating a heart healthy diet
  • Improving blood vessel health
  • Optimizing metabolic function
  • Improving mood

For people who want a complete full-body analysis and/or suffer from concerns such as mood disorders, chronic pain/Inflammation, weight gain and reduced sports performance.

  • Imporoving complex mood disorders
  • Optimizing sports performance
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies
  • Decreasing the rate of aging
  • Reducing oxidative stress

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Annual Physical
Foundation80 Biomarkers Tested
Premier103 Biomarkers Tested
Ultimate194 Biomarkers Tested
Metabolism & Hormones
  3 25 27 27
Cardiovascular & Inflammation
  5 8 25 25
Blood Quality
  21 21 21 21
Liver & Kidney
  12 12 12 12
Oxidative Stress
  0 1 1 5
Toxic Elements
  0 0 0 5
Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients
  0 8 11 94
  5 5 5 5
Food Sensitivities
Optional + $199        
Optional + $275        
Complete G.I.
Optional + $499        
Annual Physical
  • Help choosing a test package.
  • Determining if INDUR can help you.
  • Ongoing support
*Phone support available 7am-7pm CST