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Core Essentials
Essential Health System
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Core Essentials
Essential Health System
4 Items | 30 to 60 Day Supply
A power-packed system that includes the essential supplements for today's busy lifestyle. Get the nutrients your body needs to optimize health and power through the day with energy. More Details
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Products Included With This System:
Indur Metabolic Multi+
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Indur Omega+
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Indur Probiotic-25
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Indur Green Detox
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These are Great For:

  • Men & Women of all ages
  • People who regularly engage in physical activity
  • Anyone with a busy on-the-go lifestyle
  • Increasing thermogenesis to burn fat
  • People seeking to help offset a poor diet
  • Anyone seeking a multi-vitamin with superior absorption
  • Anyone not regularly consuming cultured dairy products
  • Optimizing G.I. tract health
  • Anyone who regularly consumes alcohol
  • People with weak immune systems
  • Anyone seeking to maximize micro nutrients
  • Promoting healthy bacteria growth in stomach

Product Info

Product Overview:

Choose one of our multivitamins with a unique blend of ingredients to optimize your daily nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. INDUR Omega+ has a higher fish oil content per serving than most leading brands to aid in lowering cholesterol, easing joint discomfort, and optimizing brain and heart health. Unlike other probiotics that contain 4 to 10 billion colony forming units, INDUR Probiotic-25 contains 25 billion that work together to improve digestion. Lastly, INDUR Green Detox contains an array of antioxidants derived from nature to help the body eliminate unwanted toxins while restoring its immune defenses.
It Will Help You:
Improve Cognition
Boost Energy
Optimize Mood
Optimize Health
Improve Digestion

Ingredients: Per Product In This System

Indur Metabolic Multi+ Ingredients
Indur Omega+ Ingredients
Indur Probiotic-25 Ingredients
Indur Green Detox Ingredients

Suggested Usage: Per Product In This System

Indur Metabolic Multi+ How to use
Indur Omega+ How to use
Indur Probiotic-25 How to use
Indur Green Detox How to use

How It Works: Per Product In This System

Indur Metabolic Multi+ How it works
Indur Omega+ How it works
Indur Probiotic-25 How it works
Indur Green Detox How it works


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