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Science iQ
Stress Management System
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Science iQ
Stress Management System
3 Items | 30 Day Supply
Most of life’s daily challenges cannot be avoided, however, stress is something we can manage. Stress causes us adverse effects such as weight gain, reduced energy levels, and lack of sleep. Take control of stress with INDUR’s Stress Management System. More Details
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Products Included With This System:
Indur iAdrenal
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Indur iCortisol
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Indur iRest
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These are Great For:

  • Anyone taking prescription sleep aids
  • Stressful lifestyles
  • Anyone having a hard time sleeping
  • Decreasing anxiety and improving mood
  • Losing cortisol induced belly fat
  • Those who suffer a late afternoon “crash”
  • Increasing energy without caffeine
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue caused by adrenal fatigue

Product Info

Soy Free
Gluten Free

Product Overview:

Stress can cause lack of sleep and sleep irregularity. Prescription sleep drugs and over-the-counter sleep aids come with side effects and can lead to dependency. INDUR iRest’s natural and effective ingredients reduce stress and optimize brain wave activity so you can fall asleep naturally. Adrenal fatigue affects adults of all ages zapping energy levels, affecting your mood, and impairing your immune system. INDUR iAdrenal contains key water-soluble B vitamins and vitamin C to support and restore adrenal function to reduce the body’s stress response. Excess stress causes elevated cortisol production. INDUR iCortisol not only suppress excess cortisol release but also enhances mood, cognitive function, and energy levels to further help prevent stress-induced weight gain.
It Will Help You:
Improve Sexual Health
Improve Cognition
Manage Stress
Sleep Better
Optimize Mood

Ingredients: Per Product In This System

Indur iAdrenal Ingredients
Indur iCortisol Ingredients
Indur iRest Ingredients

Suggested Usage: Per Product In This System

Indur iAdrenal How to use
Indur iCortisol How to use
Indur iRest How to use

How It Works: Per Product In This System

Indur iAdrenal How it works
Indur iCortisol How it works
Indur iRest How it works


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