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Science iQ
Advanced Weight Loss System
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Science iQ
Advanced Weight Loss System
2 Items | 30 Day Supply
Incinerate fat and supercharge your metabolism with INDUR’s Advanced Weight-Loss System. Manage your appetite and limit the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose in the body. This system coupled with your exercise routine will accelerate your results like nothing you've tried before.
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Indur iBurn
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Indur iLean
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These are Great For:

  • Losing stubborn belly fat
  • Anyone trying to lose weight
  • Increasing thermogenesis to burn fat
  • Promoting fat loss without excess stimulants
  • People wanting to suppress their appetite
  • Anyone sensitive to side effects from caffeine
  • Limiting carbohydrate absorption
  • Pushing past weight loss plateaus

Product Info

Soy Free
Gluten Free

Product Overview:

The ultimate weight-loss system starts with INDUR iLean. A stimulant-free weight loss aid with two natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients supported by research to promote fat loss, curb appetite, and increase basal metabolic rate. iBurn works synergistically to break down fat at the cellular level while inhibiting fat cell growth. Boost your energy levels, and demolish fat cells right at the source.
It Will Help You:
Raise Metabolism
Boost Energy
Lose Weight
Optimize Health

Ingredients: Per Product In This System

Indur iBurn Ingredients
Indur iLean Ingredients

Suggested Usage: Per Product In This System

Indur iBurn How to use
Indur iLean How to use

How It Works: Per Product In This System

Indur iBurn How it works
Indur iLean How it works


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