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All of these stories have one thing in common — each person wanted to perform at their greatest potential and had the desire to take their health into their own hands.


Sabra Hanson

Sports Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Competitive Athlete Age: 48
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At the time I was introduced to INDUR, I was a 47 year old competitive athlete struggling with multiple medical issues that were interfering with my ability to complete as an athlete and even get through my daily routine. I had seen multiple Doctors but was still having significant issues from joint pain and severe cervical spinal stenosis and had seen a significant decline and my strength and stamina as an athlete. These issues were even affecting the quality of my sleep. I was miserable and had come to the realization that my time as a triathlete had likely come to an end.

I decided to give INDUR a try and wow was I glad I did. Their Ultimate blood panel identified multiple issues that were causing the problems I was having. After I implemented their nutrition and supplementation recommendations my pain dissipated and my performance was greatly enhanced. I have more strength, I’ve added lean muscle and have more stamina than I’ve had in years.

Finding the right balance with nutrition, exercise and behavior changes necessary to optimize your body is almost impossible but once that balance is found its incredible how good you feel. INDUR helped me find that balance. I just wish I had found INDUR years ago. I can’t speak any more highly of what they are doing and how it’s changed my life.


Quinton Yording

Tier X Coach, Equinox Age: 27
performance Test Panel of Choice Performance Panel
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As a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, I'm always looking for new avenues in which I can better myself and my clients. I first went through my traditional physician to get my initial preventative blood work done. When I got my results back, my insurance refused to cover any of the expenses. So here I was with basic number ranges and a $700 charge. I started taking in some additional supplementation, but I wasn't really sure where to go from there. Luckily for me, I crossed paths with Brandt who introduced me to the Indur concept about two weeks later.

I utilized the Performance Panel and it helped me identify some key factors that were holding me back from where I wanted to be. I found the presentation of the information very simple and user friendly (even for people who don't have a fitness background).

I've enjoyed utilizing Launch daily prior to my workouts, and I use the whey and Opti-HGH for my post workout shake. All amazing products that taste great without being loaded up with fillers. I've recommended this to all of my clients and it's been a great addition to helping us get specific in our nutrition and lifestyle goals! Highly recommend taking the time to do this!


Michael Flores

Interior Design Age: 32
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Before I discovered Indur, I was eating fairly healthy and training hard in the gym but wasn't seeing the progress I wanted. I had hit a plateau and had become completely frustrated. None of my hard work was paying off and even worse I had friends getting great results doing half the work. I knew something had to be wrong. A friend of mine introduced me to the Indur system and I decided to give it a try. At this point, what could I lose.

The entire testing process was very convenient. When I received my test results back it immediately identified several less-than-optimal biomarkers that were causing my lack of progress but I also realized these biomarkers were impacting my mood, energy levels and sleep. After implementing the recommendations I received, I noticed immediate changes. Indur was one of the best decisions i’ve made and I’m excited about taking a more active approach in managing my health.


Trenton Warrick

Videographer Age: 28
performance Test Panel of Choice Performance Panel
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Indur ISO Whey

I’m not an elite runner, Nor a champion triathlete, I just like to move. I NEED to move. It keeps me sane, and happy... and sometimes it’s one of the only things that does. So when I say I need to move, I mean it.

In the past two years I’ve had fatigue, hormone issues, and injuries that I just couldn’t shake. I also couldn’t get a clear diagnosis. But I wasn’t going to let my standard of what ‘normal’ health is, drop. I live an active lifestyle because it’s what I love to do. INDUR is helping me do what I love. INDUR proved that my hormone issues were real, reversible, and caused by medication (when doctors said otherwise). I also found out my lean high protein diet and coffee consumption were making my adrenal system work really hard just to operate normally.

With what I learned from my blood work and the changes I’ve made, I’ve felt huge improvements in my physical health. Even the ankle injury which has kept me from running for more than a year is now a memory. INDUR has literally enabled me to do things that I love.


Brandt Beal

Founder & CEO, INDUR Age: 35
Ultimate Test Panel of Choice Ultimate Panel
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Indur Anti-Aging Complex

Yes, I founded INDUR but I’m also one of its success stories. At 32, I found myself in the worst shape of my life. Things were hectic both professionally and personally and I failed to make healthy eating and exercise a priority. I woke up one day and set out to make some important changes. My health became the top priority. Six months into my new habits I hit the habitual plateau and it felt like someone hit the “pause” button. I stopped seeing results from diet and exercise and had constant fatigue. Like most people in the digital age, I turned to Google to figure out what was going on. I stumbled across an article about blood testing and wellness and was immediately intrigued. After a couple hours of research, I devised a list of about 15 blood tests and immediately called my primary care physician to get an appointment. That’s where you go to get blood tests, right?

You should have seen my doctor’s face when I presented my blood test wishlist. After a little debate as to why I was wanting them, he finally agreed to order them. I received a call several weeks later to schedule an appointment to go over the results. After two doctors appointments (and two co-pays), a month of waiting, and fifteen blood tests, the only advice he could give me was. “Everything Looks fine. You certainly aren’t dying.” Well, I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to die but I was looking for a lot more than “looks fine,” especially from a well-known and respected physician. I left frustrated only to get even more frustrated when I received a bill the next week for $2,500 after my insurance had denied the blood tests claiming them as exploratory and unnecessary.

Turns out things weren’t fine. After turning to Dr. Google and talking to a few friends in the nursing profession, I uncovered some pretty serious imbalances that were slowing my progress in the gym and causing significant fatigue. Turns out I was insulin resistant, had hormonal imbalances, was overtraining, had low omega 3 levels, less than optimal vitamin D, and had elevated cortisol levels from adrenal fatigue. While many of the biomarkers fell within the lab’s normal range they were still low or high enough to cause noticeable side effects. Needless to say, after working to optimize my blood results I started looking and feeling like a completely different person.

This personal experience is how the idea for INDUR was conceived. I believe that we all deserve to have access to the tools necessary to understand what’s happening in OUR bodies. We need to be in the driver’s seat of our health and not let an ineffective healthcare system take control of our health. Doctors are extremely important but far too often they focus on reactively treating problems instead of proactively optimizing health so that problems never occur.

I’ve used the INDUR platform for over a year now and I”m in the best shape (and health) of my life.


Chris McDonald

7X Ironman Champion Age: 39
Ultimate Test Panel of Choice Ultimate Panel
heart-icon Favorite INDUR Products Indur Opti-HGH
Indur Flex
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Indur Omega+

As a professional athlete, it is very important for me to maintain good health. I train hard every day, but if any of my blood levels are less than optimal, it clearly affects my training, racing, and ability to recover. I was super pumped to learn about ONDUR. Setting up my account was easy and there was a lab not to far from my house. I chose the Ultimate blood test, and it only took one week for me to see a detailed report on everything from my testosterone to cholesterol, inflammation, and everything in between.

Knowledge is power, so knowing what my body was lacking has helped me make some dietary adjustments to keep my training and racing at the optimal level. I highly recommend everyone signing up for one of INDUR’s blood panels. The more you know about your body, the better you feel.

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  • success-test
    "Wow! This is amazing! You put MY health at MY fingertips and that’s really refreshing. I love the recommendations and have already started implementing them. i can’t wait to retest to see the improvements I’ve made. The transform panel showed me exactly what’s been keeping me from loosing weight. I’m sending my girlfriends your way :)"
    -- Alicia GT -- Verified Buyer
  • success-test
    "Wish I had known about this a long time ago. Would have made my life much easier!!! Don't diet or exercise without this tool"
    -- Terry I -- Verified Buyer
  • success-test
    "Super SIMPLE! My results only took 5 days and I found out that the body fat I couldn't seem to get rid of was caused by Insulin and several other issues. Can't wait to drop 20 lbs! :)"
    -- Brandon R -- Verified Buyer
  • success-test
    "This is really cool! Super easy and I've already started implementing the recommendations I received. Thank you for accepting my flexible spending account debit card. I'll be retesting soon!!"
    -- Jessica Wilson -- Verified Buyer

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  • opti-high
    "I'm on my 4th container now!! Highly recommend purchasing this."
    -- Brandon C -- Verified Buyer
  • ISO-whey
    "Thanks for using naturall sweeteners I'm a huge believer that artifical sweetners are bad for our healh and body composition. I'm going to be recommending this protein to all my clients."
    -- Eric K -- Verified Buyer
  • ISO-whey
    "This is the same price per serving as Dymatiaze ISO 100 that I've been using for years. All natural and grass -fed ?.. Dymatize doesn't even come close to this in quality. Great Product!! My new protein."
    -- Paul H -- Verified Buyer
  • Omega
    "I started taking a Omega supplement 90 days ago after finding out I have high blood sugar and insulin levels. I just got retested and saw a HUGE decrease in both levels. Very very happy with how this is working."
    -- Randy R -- Verified Buyer
  • Greendetox
    "I mix this with Indur Vanilla Protein and Indur Fiber for my morning shake. It tastes incredible! Fantastic Product."
    -- Brandon R -- Verified Buyer
  • Irest
    "I've had an issue with waking up super early and not being able to go back to sleep. Fingers crossed, this hasn't happened in the two weeks since I've been taking Indur Rest. Worth every penny!!!!!!!"
    -- Brandi F -- Verified Buyer

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