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Our healthcare system is not meant to keep you healthy.

Today, healthcare is designed for the insurance companies that pay for it, not for those of us who need it. It’s about reacting to problems, not preventing them. Doctors give impersonal advice and prescriptions for your symptoms while the cause of your problems often remain unsolved. You don't feel and perform your best because “the system” doesn’t allow you to thoroughly test, understand, and optimize your body. You deserve better.

INDUR's expert physicians will help you get on the right path.

INDUR Health AdvisorTM
Want additional help? Our experts will review your biomarkers, identify risks and opportunities and teach you how to transform your health with nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise and supplements. With strong backgrounds in naturopathic or functional medicine, our physicians are the experts in biohacking and offer a holistic, non-evasive approach to health. Think of it as hiring a super smart health coach!
$100(30 Minute) - OR - $200(60 Minute)
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What You Get:

  • Advice From an Expert Physician
  • Time, Attention and Insight Needed to Get Healthy
  • In-Depth Analysis of Biomarkers and Health Concerns
  • Advice on Health and Lifestyle Concerns and Goals
  • Help Creating a Comprehensive Action Plan
  • Nutrition, Exercise, Activity, and Supplement Recommendations

Get Time & Attention

INDUR consults are five times longer than the average doctor visit.

Natural & Holistic Approach

We believe in science, and we believe in fixing the cause of your problems, not just your symptoms.

Experience Counts

U.S. Board Certified Providers with an average of 15 years of experience.

How our INDUR Health AdvisorTM Consultations Work

  • 1
    Get Tested
  • 2
    Choose Your Provider
  • 3
    Schedule your consultation Session
  • 4
    Call into a secure line
  • 5
    Review your action plan
While we believe that prescription drugs should be the last course of treatment, we also realize that some health problems can only be solved with prescription drugs. INDUR’s vast network of qualified medical providers will review your condition and medical history and, if necessary, provide you with prescription medication to help you optimize your health. INDUR MDTM services are not available in all states.
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What We Treat
An INDUR MDTM consultation Includes a consultation and prescription (if necessary) sent to the pharmacy of your choice or in some cases to to mail-order compounding pharmacy who can provide certain specialty drugs at a lower cost. INDUR does not accept medical insurance but you can use your health savings or flexible spending account for payment. In some cases, your prescription may be covered by insurance.

Feel Better Fast

INDUR MDTM doctors can send prescriptions right to the nearest pharmacy.

Save Money

Medication not covered by insurance? Save up to 80% using our specialty mail-order pharmacies.

Great Doctors, Great Results

U.S. Board Certified doctors with an average of 15 years of experience.

How our INDUR MDTM Consultations Work

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    Purchase an
    INDUR MDTM Consultation
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    Doctor will call within 4 hours
  • 3
    Prescriptions (if necessary) Sent To Pharmacy