Video Games and Their Addictions

We often think of playing games as being for adults only, but today we also see children enjoying online games as well. In fact, it is not uncommon to see teenagers playing video games in their bedrooms at night. Some people assume that games are strictly for adults and that they have outgrown this form of entertainment. This article will briefly look at why computer games are addictive and look at some of the many ways a child can become addicted to video games. Computer games can give a child an immediate feeling of achievement, which helps them feel more confident about themselves. Gaming can also provide a distraction from other aspects of a person’s life, allowing them to focus on playing their games for longer periods of time.


The problem with video games is that they do require a great deal of concentration in order to play well and become successful. When a person is under stress and pressure, they cannot focus on one activity for very long. This means that they will get bored quickly if they do not have some form of entertainment to take their mind off other activities. The use of a computer game is often a quick way to relieve some of the pressure and provide some entertainment. There is no question that gaming can be addicting because the player must spend so much time focusing on their gaming efforts, which means that there is a greater chance of the person becoming more focused and easily addicted than someone who does not spend as much time playing. The number one sign of a severe addiction is when the person is unable to control their gaming habits.

Online gaming is addictive because it provides a very clear path as to how a person should spend their time. If a gamer only plays video games for a few minutes at a time, they do not go to the same extent as someone who is constantly playing. The world of gaming is much larger than people realize and anyone who thinks that they can spend several hours glued to the television is quickly losing their mind. It is easy to develop a serious addiction to playing video games, but it is much more difficult to overcome.