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  • Eliminate Fatigue

    Eliminate Fatigue

    Constant fatigue isn’t something you should consider as normal. Hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies are leading causes of chronic fatigue.

  • Lose Weight

    Lose Weight

    Unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles and the natural aging process can slow down your metabolism. INDUR helps you optimize metabolic hormones, control your appetite, and rev up your metabolism.

  • Improve Your Mood

    Improve Your Mood

    Depression or mood swings getting out of control? Scared of antidepressants and their side effects? We specialize in helping people optimize the key hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters that make you happy.

  • Sleep Better

    Sleep Better

    Can’t fall asleep? Wake up at 4AM staring at the ceiling? One of the most noticeable improvements by INDUR customers is how much better they sleep.

  • Get Beautiful Skin

    Get Beautiful Skin

    Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it's what everyone sees. We all want to put our best face forward. Identify the hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and bacteria imbalances that may be wreaking havoc on your skin.

  • Reduce Food Cravings

    Reduce Food Cravings

    Suffer from late night snacking and uncontrollable cravings? Optimizing metabolic hormones like cortisol, insulin, IGF-1, and leptin will help you reduce sweet and salty cravings and suppress your appetite.

  • Age Better

    Age Better

    Getting old doesn’t have to suck. From hormone restoration to antioxidant and nutrient replenishment, there are techniques you can implement to “turn back the clock.”

  • Manage Stress

    Manage Stress

    Chronic stress is linked to six leading causes of death. Elevated cortisol levels and poor adrenal function not only impact your health but are also a leading cause of stubborn belly fat and poor sleep.

  • Be Better in Bed

    Be Better in Bed

    Supercharge your libido and improve performance when you optimize hormones like DHEA, Testosterone, Cortisol and Estrogen. Poor libdio and performance can also be caused by nutrient deficiencies and poor cardiovascular health.

  • Stop the Bloating

    Stop the Bloating

    Bacteria lives throughout your body, but the ones in your gut may have the biggest impact on your well-being. The 100 trillion bacteria organisms in the gut not only promote healthy digestion but they affect everything from your metabolism to your mood to your immune system.

  • Prevent Disease

    Prevent Disease

    Prevention is key. Our advanced testing help identify health concerns early so that you can make changes and stay healthy. Be proactive.

  • Look Better Naked

    Look Better Naked

    Building and maintaining lean muscle is important for men and women. Plus, you’ll look better naked. INDUR monitors key hormones and nutrients that impact lean muscle. We also monitor the amount of muscle damage to prevent overtraining.

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Dr. Annalisa Behling

Naturopathic Doctor

“As a physician dedicated to holistic and preventative medicine, I appreciate tools that help people understand and improve their health. INDUR is changing the landscape of personalized health. This is a convenient and effective tool that most people need.”


Dr. Robert Kachko

Founder, TribeRx

“You can’t know to resolve what you can’t measure. Healthcare is becoming a more preventive, personalized, and participatory experience, and INDUR is on the cutting edge of helping people reduce their risk of chronic disease and optimize their ability to get well and stay well.”


Dr. Karen Frangos

Naturopathic Doctor

“INDUR gives people the data and tools they need to take control of their health. If your looking for a more effective and scientific strategy for losing weight, sleeping better, reducing prescription use or just optimizing your wellbeing, look no further.”

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