Corporate Wellness, Reimagined.

We’ll make your employees well.


Show them you care.

When you give your employees a tool to improve their lives, you’ll do what no raise, title bump, or feel-good initiative ever could. You’ll show them you care.

Get a “wellness” solution that works.

No two bodies are the same, yet most traditional corporate wellness solutions only offer cookie-cutter solutions. These programs fail due to a lack of consistency, discipline and/or results. Indur is different. We focus on each employee as an individual and build a customized and specific action plan based on individual test results.


Help solve real problems.

Limiting costly diseases that increase insurance premiums is important but so is solving real problems. Help your employees with problems like weight loss, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, insomnia, stomach issues and low libido. These problems affect them both personally and professionally.

Make more money.

We’ll identify potential health concerns and intervene before costly chronic diseases develop. Increase your profits with a happier and healthier workforce that is motivated, productive and effective.

Who We Work With

We’re not for every company. We work best in organizations with existing cultures that emphasize health and have leaders that lead by example.

  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Law Firms
  • Private Equity
  • Mass Media
  • Manufacturing
  • And More

Types of Partnerships

There are several ways your company can engage with INDUR.


Company-wide implementation

Revolutionize the way you optimzie employee health and make your company stand out. We’ll create a customized program for you company that inludes on-site testing, health coaching, nutritional guidance, and insurance plan integration. We can even create a co-branded supplement program.


Select executives and managers.

An executive team that operates at optimal capacity is invaluable. This won’t happen if their health isn’t properly managed. Identify key leaders in your organization and we’ll work to help them get and stay optimal.


Budget neutral partnership

Company’s not able to subsidize the cost of INDUR, can position INDUR as a company-endorsed health partner. INDUR will engage with your employees via email, telephone and onsite events. Your employees will get exclusive benefits. This option is provided at no cost to your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer in office blood draw service?

Yes, we arrange onsite blood draws at your office using our network of mobile phlebotomists. Your employees can also visit one of our convenient local labs.

How much does the company contribute?

You determine the contribution level. You can also decide if you want to include or exclude costs of nutritional supplements.

Do you have less expensive testing options?

No. The INDUR system is effective because it is comprehensive. Initial test packages start at $874. Follow-up tests costs range between $300 and $600.

Will this increase prescription utilization?

No. It will actually do the opposite. We’ll coach the employee on using nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes to optimize their health. Prescription drug utilization should decrease, not increase.

Do you accept our insurance?

No. We do however accept FSA/HSA payments. Check your plan for eligibility.

What type of return on investment (ROI) will I see?

Employees engaged with INDUR will better understand their health and be more engaged in health initiatives. They’ll prevent health concerns from turning into costly diseases and will be more productive because they look and feel great. Can you put a dollar figure on that?

Can you work with my remote employees?

Yes, we have over 2,400 lab locations your employees can visit for their blood draw.

Request Information
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  • Determining if INDUR can help you.
  • Ongoing support
*Phone support available 7am-7pm CST