The Politics of Beauty

The experience of beauty is not exclusively within the head of the person experiencing it. It also connects the observer to objects and communities of appreciation. Here are some of the philosophers’ views on the nature of beauty. Aristotle argued that beauty must be an orderly arrangement of parts. It should be attainable by everyone,… Read more The Politics of Beauty

5 Benefits of Gaming

Unlike most other hobbies, gaming has many health benefits. Many games involve complex strategies that require thinking and planning. You can increase your skills in logical reasoning, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination through gaming. Gamers also tend to have better sensorimotor skills, which allows them to learn and adopt tasks more quickly. Here are five of… Read more 5 Benefits of Gaming

What is Health?

What is health? According to the WHO, health is the absence of any disease or condition. However, as medical research continues, new diseases and conditions are discovered. Thus, the medical definition of health is not universally accepted and is largely subjective. In fact, people’s subjective feelings about health are irrelevant to the medical definition of… Read more What is Health?

The Social and Psychological Benefits of Gaming

The world health organization and many mental health experts stress the benefits of gaming for relationships and community. Studies have shown that playing games fosters social connections and builds relationships. Increasing numbers of professionals are starting to see social and psychological benefits of gaming. Here are some examples of some of the ways that games… Read more The Social and Psychological Benefits of Gaming

Characteristics of Popular Games

Video games are created in a wide variety of platforms, from consoles to handheld devices. Popular games are typically developed by large studios, although smaller teams and independent developers also create successful games. They have certain characteristics that make them successful, including obstacles, rewards, player control, and more. Listed below are some common characteristics of… Read more Characteristics of Popular Games

Key Facts About Health

According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health can be promoted by encouraging the pursuit of healthful activities and avoiding unhealthful situations. Health is an important human right, and its achievement depends on the collective effort of individuals. Unequal development in health is a common… Read more Key Facts About Health