A Common Experience

In most games, players attempt to utilize their abilities in order to attain a certain objective, beat or score. Games are typically structured in such a manner that every player is aware and is able to effectively utilize his or her skill in the particular game. Some games however, allow more than just one player at once. The rules and objectives change from one game to another, which can make it difficult to predict who will perform well and what strategies will be employed.


In the world of the game, the players assume the roles of either the protagonist or the antagonist. In games wherein the protagonist is the hero, the player assumes the role of the antagonist in a bid to destroy the protagonist. Likewise, in games wherein the antagonist is the main character, the player assumes the role of the hero in an attempt to foil the plans of the antagonist. In these games, it is not uncommon for the characters to interact with one another as they strive to accomplish the set goals.

One of the most famous and popular games is the game of solitaire. In a solitaire game, players compete to eliminate all of the sets by themselves. Although this may sound simple, it requires a great deal of concentration in order to ensure that all the tiles are eliminated. This is a common experience that players compete in the world of the game and one that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age group.