An Overview of the Definition of Sports

Sports may sound like a term thrown together by an enthusiastic sports fan, but in reality it refers to a specific type of activity that involves both physical and mental exertion. The word is commonly used to describe any of any number of possible sports that involve association sports, such as ice skating, American football, Australian football, bodybuilding, softball, cricket, motocross, racing, cricket, tennis, and especially cricket. Although the term may be used to identify any number of sports, it is often used specifically to refer to a sport that involves contact or has contact with the use of hands, feet, or other human-based movements. The activities that fall under the heading of sports are as diverse as the number of sports known to man.


There are many different types of sports, and some sports differ significantly from others in terms of the level of physical exertion that is required and the level of skill involved. For example, while soccer requires a lot of physical exertion and skill, American football does not. This can make the definition of the word difficult to determine, but one general definition is “the athletic pursuit of whomever happens to be playing”. This definition is also used to specify competitions, where the purpose of the competition is typically to test the athletic abilities of the participants, rather than to hone individual skills.

The majority of definitions for the word “sports” have been used over the years with some variations being introduced from time to time. However, even with the variation in definition, the word still describes an activity that involves both competitive and non-competitive teams, individuals, and physical exertion. It is this type of definition that allows international sports competitions to exist, as well as the separate definition of professional sports. The most popular international sports competitions include the Olympic Games, the World Cup Soccer tournament, the World Boxing Association, the European Olympics, and the World Cup champion. In order for these sports to qualify as “sport”, they generally require a certain level of skill on the part of the participants.