Beauty – An Essential Part of Our Essence

Beauty is commonly defined as an attribute of particular objects that creates these objects enjoyable to see. Such items may include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and other artistic works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetics, is also the most significant part of aesthetic art, among the most important branches of contemporary philosophy. The word beauty in this context refers not only to the visual beauty of a work but also to the aesthetic value that such beauty adds to the world as a whole.


However, the twenty-first century has seen a new definition of beauty when it comes to artistic value, especially when it is associated with the more socially acceptable notion of beauty. Under the social norm, beauty is determined by the average degree of attractiveness of an object to the person who views it. However, under the broader umbrella of the so-called postmodernism, beauty can be determined not only by the average level of beauty in an object, but also by the interpretation of that object by the beholder. While the former requires a subjective assessment from the aestheticians, the latter does not.

Beauty, to be beautiful, must have a certain quality or aspect that make some portion of a human being feel beautiful. It must satisfy some desire that cannot be fulfilled in any other way. Beauty is subjective; it is dependent on the individual’s perception of beauty and his attitude towards that perception. Beauty then is subjective and it is dependent on the individual’s perception of beauty.