Computer Games

A computer game or video game is an interactive computer game that involves user interaction with a machine or user interface through a keyboard, mouse, joysticks, or game controllers, to generate visual output. Video games have evolved from simple text-based games to highly complex multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG) that can last up to a week or longer. Most popular computer games are either interactive or competitive games that pit two or more people against each other in a bid to achieve a goal. Some of the most popular computer games are World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires, and God of War.


Playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a lot more fun than simply sitting down and playing a console game. The reason that MMORPGs are so much fun to play is because they let you interact with other people around the world. This allows you to meet new people with different interests and personalities who share similar passions about gaming as you do. In addition, since you can play with other people from all over the world, you can build friendships with people who live half a world away from you.

There are a wide variety of electronic games available to consumers today. Most people start playing video games when they are young children. At some point in their lives, however, many adults may decide to give video gaming another try. For many people, electronic games offer the kind of interactivity and complexity that cannot be found in conventional console or PC video games. Video games are now being played by millions of people around the world and, because of this, there has been a significant increase in the creation of new video games for newer generations of computer users. Most of these new games are being designed by large international companies that specialize in creating the best video games available.