Definitions of Beauty


Beauty is a quality of objects that make them pleasant to view. Examples of beauty include sunsets, landscapes, human beings, and works of art. Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of beauty. We find beauty in nature and in our everyday lives, and aesthetics helps us to define it. Here are some definitions of the concept of “beauty.” Let’s look at some examples.

The classical conception of beauty emphasizes a relationship between the parts and the whole. In this conception, beauty is a harmonious whole. Hedonists see beauty as a source of pleasure, while modernists view beauty as a result of function and value. The following are some examples of aesthetic values. In the Renaissance, beauty was linked to numbers and harmonies. In the Middle Ages, people often used romantic notions of the word beauty to describe the way they felt about things. The poet John Keats said: “Beauty is truth.”

The modern concept of beauty is an objective concept. It is the form that has been deemed beautiful. It takes precedence over any other Form. It is a combination of forms. In other words, beauty is a way of life that pleases the senses. The concept of beauty is not limited to the face. It can also be defined by race, age, gender, body shape, and weight. These aspects of beauty are all subjective, and there are many different ways to define it.