Emanation Through Physical Appearance

Beauty is defined as a mental or physical trait that either increases or decreases an individual’s enjoyment of a situation. This definition is also used to explain beauty. Beauty is most commonly defined as a subjective aspect of objects which makes these objects aesthetically pleasing to see. These objects may include sunsets, landscapes, art and humans.


The inner beauty of man can be seen in the everyday things around him like in his home, in nature, in his work and in his relationship with other people. According to the character-expressionist theory, human beauty has to do with the capacity of a person to create an integrated individuality. This idea is based on the individual’s ability to build a positive self identity and to live his life according to that identity. On the other hand, according to the psychoanalytic theory, beauty has something deeper than a physical aspect and it has to do with the psychological, emotional and spiritual state of an individual.

In fact, the two theories have been used in empirical research on the beauty and attractiveness of a person. Researchers have found significant evidence for both the psychoanalytic and the character-expressionist theories. They found that the physical appearance of an individual has an effect on his/her level of attractiveness but the real underlying causes for the beauty and attractiveness of a person are psychological and emotional. Therefore, empirical research finds both physical appearance and psychological and emotional aspects of human beauty.