Gaming Basics

Many of the most popular computer games were developed for the arcade style platform. These games have become some of the most well known and most profitable games on the market. Video gaming has gone from being a simple hobby for teenagers to a highly competitive profession for many. The video game industry is now worth billions of dollars per year.


While most video games today require at least a standard keyboard and mouse to play, hand held controllers have also become increasingly popular. Most consoles sold today also have a variety of accessories available, from joy sticks, to special cartridges to improve the quality of sound, as well as many other options. A video game or console is simply an electronic game which involves interaction with a user interactive device or user interface, including but not limited to a joystick, trackball, keyboard, game pad, or other motion sensitive device.

Most people associate the term “video gaming” with playing interactive video games on dedicated game consoles, like Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. However, there are now several other types of consoles available for gaming enthusiasts. These include PC gaming, handheld consoles, handheld gaming devices, online gaming, and others. Each type of gaming has different benefits and features, depending on the type of system used. Some of the most common types of gaming are racing games, first-person shooter games, sports games, role-playing games, and others. Due to the incredible number of consoles, handhelds, and pcs available for purchase today, gamers can almost never get enough of their favorite types of gaming.