Health – The Psychological Aspect of Well Being

Health is a condition of mental, physical and social well being in which infirmity and disease are absent. In simple terms, health is equivalent to the absence of ill-health or sickness. A number of definitions are used for such purposes over the years. Some people would use the dictionary meaning of health, as it is more related to the prevention of ill-health rather than its cure. In medical parlance, health is something we can refer to as being of a certain age, being psychologically sound, free from mental disorder, having clean habits etc.


Public health is an extension of health science that makes sure all the three components of health are met. This ensures a balance between the three aspects. It also improves health by preventing and treating diseases, preventing physical hazards and improving the community’s health. The three aspects of public health are physical, mental and community health.

The three components of health status are influenced by such things as personal practices (like smoking), environments (like city or country), social activities (like exercise) and dietary habits. The three aspects, when combined, provide a holistic approach to improving the health status of a person. This approach involves changes in lifestyle to reduce stress levels, changes in attitudes and behaviour to prevent mental disorders, and improvement in community environments to provide protection against physical hazards.