Holistic Approach to Health


Health is a resource that every human being needs to live a healthy life. It includes the physical, mental, social, and environmental resources. The ability to maintain homeostasis and recover from adverse events are among the physical resources that make us healthy. Our emotional and mental capacities are also crucial to maintaining good health. Therefore, a holistic approach to health is necessary. Let us examine how each of these aspects affect our daily lives and how we can improve them.

Public health is the science and art of promoting and preserving good health for individuals and communities. This field is funded by taxation from national governments and donations from private citizens. It is the art and science of preventing disease and extending life. By implementing a healthy lifestyle, we can make our communities safer and more productive places to live. We should support and empower the public sector in order to make it a successful entity. The goals of a Healthier Society are to improve the quality of life for the entire population.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as the absence of disease. The definition of health was originally set to include the ability to cope with daily demands. Today, the definition of health has changed significantly. The World Bank has redefined it as “a state of balance.” In this case, health refers to the ability to adapt to changes, cope with stress, and develop resilience. The focus of health should be on all of these factors to promote the well-being of individuals and communities.