The Definition of Beauty

The concept of beauty is a complicated subject. Although it is universal and largely subjective, we can draw certain generalizations about beauty. For example, the word beauty can mean many different things to different people. Whether it is a feeling of delight or a desire to please another person, beauty can be defined as the way in which a person attends to the other’s needs. It can be expressed as a quality that is intrinsically valuable.


There are many different kinds of beauty. One definition is that beauty is a quality present in things that please the senses. Some examples of beauty include aesthetics, meaningful design, and a person’s innate beauty. There is a vast industry dedicated to the creation of products and services for those who seek to improve their appearance. The concept of what makes a person beautiful has several meanings. Listed below are some of the most common definitions.

Beauty has several different meanings and is often used in conjunction with other terms. In some cases, the definition is more general and can be applied to different types of works. In general, beauty refers to value and contrasts pretty, orthodox style, and the absence of bizarre elements. It should not be used as a universal standard of evaluation for any type of work, but rather as a guide to evaluate what makes a particular work beautiful.