The Definition of Sports and the Concept of Sportsmanship

Sports are the physical activities engaged in by human beings for fun or recreation. Sports can be individualized and require little or no equipment. Common sports that people participate in are tennis, racquetball, badminton, swimming, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, track and field and ice hockey. In addition, many sports involve a level of skill, such as football or soccer. Some sports are competitive and involve high levels of skill from players on both sides.


The main article of this article discusses the word “sport” itself and how it relates to the main article, “cheap” in sports. Sport is commonly defined as any physical activity that entails a level of competition, including tennis or racquetball. Many types of competitive athletics and some games involving contact sports are also classified as sports. An athlete in a sport, also known as a participant, is generally described as having the physical capacity to engage in that activity. In addition to the ability to use one’s physical capacities, the athlete must also be agile enough to perform movements that use the greatest degree of speed and strength. In sports terminology, speed and agility refer to the physical processes involved in moving from point A to point B.

Sports can also be divided into two additional categories: competitive and non-competitive. Competitive sports involve competition from an athletic perspective, whereas non-competitive sports do not need to have competitive competition. Examples of these types of sports include golf, swimming, sailing, cycling, baseball, gymnastics, and Track and Field. There are many different subcategories of each of these categories as well. In this article, we discuss only the most popular and well-known subcategories of sports and the definition of each.