The Definition of Sports

Sports (or sports) has a number of different definitions, but the main meaning is ‘an athletic activity made for the participation of the physical faculties.’ Sports are also divided by equipment, with one sport being predominantly played with the use of a ball or other type of played object, such as soccer, tennis, basketball etc., while other sports may only involve the use of one’s own body, such as wrestling or fencing. Some sports involve more than one team or player, such as ice hockey and American football. However, one can’t say that any form of physical activity or sport is ‘sport’ unless it includes competition among competitors.


Sports are generally divided into two main categories: competitive or recreational sports. Competitive sports refer to any kind of athletic activity in which the participants compete for victory; this may be a game, a race or a contest in swimming, running or wrestling. This includes boxing, softball, ice-skating, hockey, tennis and football. Professional athletes regularly engage in these activities in order to enhance their skills and beat opponents; for example, boxers often train for months before a big match.

Sports that do not fall into this category include horseback riding, cycling, polo, golf and skating. A recreational activity on the other hand involves the use of tools, equipment, machines or apparatus, which allows the participant to exercise without using any of his/her own body weight or energy. In this case, the equipment is designed for general use, and the activity is intended to be non-competitive. Recreational sports can be competitive or non-competitive; however, most people engage in recreational activity for the sheer fun of it, for social interaction or to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Some sports may have a competitive side, but most are designed to have fun.