The Main Article on Sports

Sports refer to all forms of physical activities that are performed for the purpose of leisure, competitive qualification, recreation or any other purpose. It could also be taken as an adjective meaning exciting or fine, like for example: racing for speed or excitement. Sports can be broadly categorized into two, contact sports participation, but there is room for many more. The word ‘sport’ itself is not used in official dictionaries, and its usage varies considerably from one country to another. There are several possible meanings for the word ‘sport’, and some examples would be: competition, game, dance, dress-up, ice cream, swimming, wrestling, track and field, soccer, hockey etc.


Sport is commonly defined as a physical activity which involves a high degree of physical activity, including sports or game; for example: basketball or netball. Other types of sporting activities may be called sports for men, women or children. A participant in a sport is generally known as an athlete. According to the main article on the English language website lexicon, a sport can be defined as any physical action undertaken with an intention to get rid of pleasure or with an aim to gain an advantage, usually through competitive opposition.

There are numerous examples of famous sports personalities that have come from humble origins to fame and fortune. Examples include Sir David Attenborough, who won a place in the London Olympics; cyclist Lance Armstrong, who won the Tour de France; Australian cricket bowler David Barnes, who made a century record in the first ever Test match; cricketer Ricky Pontiaco and football player Frank Lampard, both of whom made professional sports careers. A major international tournament that began in Australia, the FIFA World Cup, has become the most watched and monitored event, with over seventy million people watching it. International soccer, tennis and basketball have also produced a number of popular international players.