The Sports Section Needs Some Help

Sports are usually governed by some set of unwritten rules or traditions, that aim to ensure fair play, prevent cheating, and let consistent adjudication of a winner. In almost every sport, players are expected to adhere to these rules and traditions even when they are not playing, so the game is often referred to as a “spectator sport”. For popular sports, such as football, basketball and ice hockey, spectators are banned, whereas in organised sports, official records of past performance are kept, and this information can be widely reported or announced in media. The objective of any sport is to entertain and keep people engaged and involved. Professional sport can also be used as a way of social interaction, since professional sportswomen and sports journalists are an important part of our society.


One of the most enduring features of sports reporting is the thrill of competition. Whether it’s an intense tackle or stunning dunk, or a stylish kick against another athlete’s goal post, the reporting of sports is about competition, physical challenges and mental acuity. This is why professional athletes, such as boxers, cyclists, divers and tennis players, regularly become celebrities overnight. Their status as celebrities also increases their level of influence over the general public, who are more likely to follow their performances than politicians, pop stars or football players.

A good sports story will keep the audience interested, as well as enthralling the mind. Many sports stories are written for the internet, where the author may have to use creative writing skills to describe the sport without succumbing to the strict rules of formal English language grammar. The sports section needs clear and concise prose, and should ideally have a strong background in the relevant field. The writer should never make his or her point through personal opinions but should always provide facts and provide an impartial point of view. Even if the article was written as a joke, it would hardly be considered suitable for publication, so it is important to remember that your readers deserve the best quality.