timeline of Game Console Gaming

A video game console is an interactive video computer game that entails interaction with a user interface or physical input device, including a keyboard, game pad, joystick, or camera, to produce visual output. Consoles come in all types and price ranges, depending on the type of game, the hardware platform on which they are installed, and the user’s individual preferences. Consoles are usually sold as either stand-alone units, or bundled with games. Bundled games include Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Portal, Guitar Hero, and others. In recent years, wireless consoles have also become available, and allow the player to play from anywhere in the house, for an extended period of time.


Personal computers, also called personal computers, are mini computers designed to store data, run applications, and perform computer related tasks. They are generally faster than gaming consoles, owing to their lower profile, but some personal computers come with pre-installed gaming software. Some basic personal computers come with a standard CD burner, but more expensive models may come with a CD/DVD writer and / or a DVD burner. CD-ROMs are now coming standard in many newer personal computers.

Currently, there is no known timeline for releasing more gaming consoles or PC’s. The release of Microsoft’s Project Natal, a follow-up to their X Box 360, is expected to release in either October or November of next year. Apple is also planning an unnamed home gaming system, and has indicated it will offer multiple formats of PCs for gaming. Nintendo is also said to be working on a portable gaming system. Both Sony and Microsoft are also reportedly planning new gaming formats for the future.