Types of Games

The term game is used to describe many different types of activities. In its most general form, a game is any activity in which the player must accomplish a specific goal by using skills or luck. In contrast, some games are based on purely narrative adventures, or narrative adventures with no visual support. However, a wide variety of games are available that require varying degrees of skill and luck to complete. This article will discuss some of the most common types of games and what makes them such a fun activity.


Most games involve moving pieces on a flat surface. The object of the game varies, but most involve some form of competition. The object of board games ranges from race-type games to clones of popular games. For instance, go is a game where the player tries to surround more space, while soccer requires the player to score more goals. Although games vary in their goal, they share certain common elements. Philosophers like Ludwig Wittgenstein have attempted to define the concept of a “game” and explained that these elements fail to define a game.

Physical skill-based games are cultural universals. They are found in every society. Societies without games are likely decultured. Ethnographers who studied the history of a particular region have found that the existence of these games is common. Higher levels of political integration and social stratification also increase the likelihood of games. In particular, when political leaders try to manipulate social relations and the symbols used in them, these games are likely to exist.