Types of Sports

Sports are activities in which a person performs under specific circumstances and uses rules and regulations to make the performance meaningful. The process, rules and regulations are overseen by a specialised, recognised organisational structure. The rules, procedures and overall organisation of the activity are determined by the structure. These factors give sports their structure and formality. A list of the various types of sports is provided below. This includes the most popular ones. There are also many less popular ones.


Most sports have rules and regulations to ensure fair competition and uniform adjudication. There are usually two main ways to decide the winner: by scoring physical events or by relying on a judge’s judgement. While the judges may be impartial, it is important to note that these criteria do not necessarily translate into objective measures of success. As such, it is not possible to apply a strict scientific measurement of skill in any sport. Nonetheless, sports are often referred to as games.

Organised sport usually requires records of individual and team performances. The results of popular sports are frequently announced or reported in sport news. Spectator sport is one of the main sources of entertainment for people who do not take part in the game. These sports attract large crowds to venues and are broadcast to wider audiences. In 2013, Kearney estimates that the global sporting industry is worth $620 billion. This is a lot of money! Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the potential growth of the sport industry.