Types of Video Gaming

There are many different types of games, each with its own particular genre and purpose. The most common type of computer game is the text-based adventure, also known as “text-based”, or “immersive fiction” (also called “immersion fiction”), which is any computer or video game in which the player controls the plot and events through the use of text or images. Many of the earliest versions of these were single player games, with the player controlling a single character through the keyboard and mouse. However, the world has changed dramatically, and today there are many online role playing games (such as World of Warcraft) that involve multiple players simultaneously. Some of these can also be played between two to more characters at a time.


Card games have become increasingly popular, especially with the advent of downloadable card games that can be played on almost any computer with Internet access. Examples of these are “Texas Holdem” and “Uno.” One of the most popular types of online card games are “Texas Holdem” or “Uno,” in which the object is to develop four hands of cards by matching up pairs of cards. The most popular card games online are “Texas Holdem” and “Uno.” These games involving multiple players have been around for decades.

Video gaming or interactive television gaming is another type of modern gaming. Most recent video game consoles come with very advanced features, including high-definition programming and highly realistic graphics. Many older console models have only slightly higher resolution than the X-Box 360, and a few versions do not even have the advanced features. Some of the video game consoles come equipped with DVD burners for burning game media to DVDs; this allows players to copy their favorite games onto DVDs and play them. Internet sites are available that allow users to download games and copy their media onto a computer hard drive and then copy the disks into other portable media capable of being burned onto DVDs.