Video Games and Their Impact on Society

Gaming refers to the use of computers or other interactive media to entertain or interact with others. A computer or video game is an electronic game which entails interaction with a user device or interface such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or finger to generate virtual visual feedback to the user. Gaming can be a single player (one player game); multiplayer (many players playing at the same time on the same device); and competitive gaming (one player game played by two or more simultaneous players). Gaming typically involves using a personal computer or video gaming system to interface with the games, which require gaming software in order to load and run. Modern gaming devices can also include very elaborate interfaces that include image display technology and sound systems, which are designed to deliver very realistic game experience to the users. Video game systems also employ networking technologies to allow multiple players to interact with each other over a local or online network.


In the past, gaming devices have been developed for specific purposes, such as hand-held or pen-based console-type devices for children. However, the rapid growth and advancements in Internet technology have resulted in the development of a variety of electronic devices which, collectively, provide an incredible amount of variety and options for almost any kind of user. Some examples of these innovative new kinds of gaming systems are personal computers, handheld game consoles (such as Nintendo Wii), digital signage boards, and online game servers. All of these different kinds of gaming systems and accessories have enabled gamers to find new ways to make their video games more interesting and realistic.

The rapid expansion of the Internet also provides gamers with a great number of opportunities for new types of interactive entertainment. Video game portals offer an unprecedented opportunity for video gamers to connect with other like-minded individuals who share similar interests and hobbies. Video game portals are also a great way for new gamers to test out their video games and explore the various capabilities of their computer or video gaming system.