The Social and Psychological Benefits of Gaming


The world health organization and many mental health experts stress the benefits of gaming for relationships and community. Studies have shown that playing games fosters social connections and builds relationships. Increasing numbers of professionals are starting to see social and psychological benefits of gaming. Here are some examples of some of the ways that games can help build community and foster relationships. Listed below are just a few. These games can help you build community and make friends. There is no doubt that gamers can benefit from community.

Augmented reality adds digital influences to real life. Perhaps the best example of AR in gaming is “Pokemon Go.” People use their smartphone to look for virtual Pokemon in real life. They may encounter a Wartorle or Pikachu on their way to work. This shift in gaming has created a divide between “real” gamers and casual (mobile) gamers. However, the benefits of this new trend outweigh the disadvantages.

Video games can improve multi-tasking skills. Many games require players to perform several tasks at once, including looking at an enemy on the screen, keeping track of their stats, and moving their character. Sometimes, gamers will be required to speak on a microphone to communicate with other players. This can help them improve their social skills. However, this research is limited to the role of gaming in helping people become better at multitasking. And what’s more, video games can even help people develop more confidence and better communication skills.