The Real Definition of Beauty


The experience of beauty is not just an aesthetic experience; it also connects observers to objects and communities of appreciation. This article explores the nature of beauty and why we should care. There are many definitions of beauty, and we will explore them one by one. Read on to discover what the real definition is. Here are a few examples of beauty. What does beauty mean to you? How do you measure beauty? What are the qualities that define beauty?

According to philosopher George Santayana, beauty is objectified pleasure. We judge beauty according to whether a certain object is pleasing to us. A pleasant experience in itself does not necessarily make a thing beautiful. We may find beauty in many things, but we are more likely to judge a work of art as beautiful when we can see and touch it. This can help us understand how beauty works. So, let’s look at some examples. And let’s continue by considering how Santayana defined beauty.

The definition of beauty has many components, including subjectivity and objectivity. The concept of beauty can be subjective, depending on the observer’s emotional reaction. Some experts believe that beauty is subjective, and often refer to it as “in the eye of the beholder.”