Beauty – An Emotional Phenomenon

Beauty is the subjective idea that there is something beautiful about all things. It can be defined as the aesthetic quality of an object which makes it pleasurable for the eyes to view it. Beauty is most commonly described as a personal attribute of particular objects, which makes these objects beautiful to see. These objects may be physical, but beauty is also subjective. For instance, the beauty of a sunset depends on the perspective from which it is viewed and, to some extent, on the emotional response one may feel when he views it.


Beauty, with artistry and aesthetic appreciation, is an important theme of aesthetics, among the major branches of science. In the modern era, the beauty school has developed, with a strong emphasis on the personal attributes of beauty, especially on the beauty of the form rather than on the attributes of the content (as in the traditional aesthetic theories). In this modern age, beauty is not primarily determined by the visual aspect of an object, but by its ability to affect the beholder’s emotions and/or imagination. The twentieth century has seen many attempts to define and measure beauty under different frameworks. For instance, some philosophers have defined beauty as the sum total of positive aspects of the visual experience, while others have argued that beauty exists in certain contexts and in certain situations (Kierke, 1951), while many psychologists have defined beauty as a state of mental well-being (Baker, 1970). Still, for the majority of people, beauty is a complex concept that includes multiple aspects of aesthetic appreciation, including the emotional response a person may have to a given object.

Beauty is important for all of us, because we all want to be seen as beautiful. Beauty is a very personal concept and some people may feel that they are not beautiful because of their race, culture or sex. Others may feel that all men are not beautiful, and that beauty is defined linearly by the society in which they live. Nevertheless, beauty is important for all of us, because we all want to be seen as beautiful. Thus, beauty is an emotion that can motivate and influence our actions, attitudes and choices, and can motivate us to work harder, make more money, get better grades, etc., just to feel beautiful.