The Importance of Wellness

Health is a condition of complete physical, emotional and social well Being where infirmity and disease are absent. A number of definitions are used for these purposes across the globe. In the United States we often use the term healthy when it refers to the state of being within the ideal weight for one’s height and age. It also typically includes the avoidance of serious illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. Often, when people talk about being healthy they are also referring to maintaining a state of good health but the two concepts are often used interchangeably.

The definition of health has a great deal to do with a person’s ability to cope with changes in his or her environment and to maintain a sense of self. When someone has high blood pressure or diabetes then this person is considered to be suffering from a dysfunctional condition and is very likely to be ill-healthful. On the other hand someone who is in good health and does not suffer from any health ailments can be said to be living with a high level of well-being. Therefore, health defines health and feeling good health defines feeling good health.

As defined in the dictionary wellness relates to the quality of well-being, which can be achieved through being healthy, being well nourished, having a balanced diet, having social support and a positive outlook. All of these elements can be seen to play an important role in our general well-being and the pursuit of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will result in a higher level of well-being. The pursuit of wellness will have a significant impact on all areas of a person’s life including work, family, relationships and health. Those who suffer from ill-health and disease will have a poor quality of life and this is something that will have a negative impact on their work, family life and health in general. The fact is that wellness is not just about eating right and being active, but it is also about maintaining a balance between mind, body and spirit and making wise choices throughout one’s life. Achieving a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle is something that everyone can attain.