Different Types of Sports

Sports are organized affairs, governed either by a series of unwritten rules or unwritten customs, that ensure fair play and ensure consistent adjudication of a winner. In most organized sports, records of past performance are kept, and such information can be widely reported or announced in sports news. Such reporting and announcements to help the sports people to keep abreast of developments in their sports. Sports are dominated by men; they dominate the field of contact sports like cricket, hockey, football, boxing, wrestling, tennis, and motor racing. However, there are several female sports like badminton, fencing, golf, gymnastics, rowing, softball, baseball, basketball and water polo.

The sports that fall under the category of physical activity are played between human beings, the rules of which can be loosely regulated. However, many sports are associated with higher levels of physical activity like athletics, motor sports like motor cycling, motor-bicycle racing, swimming, rugby, track running, wrestling, golf, gymnastics, horse riding, and table tennis. The physical activity of sports varies widely according to the game, for example, wrestling is high impact sports with a lot of jumping and striking, while field sports are low impact and characterised by passing with minimum physical contact. Professional sport is characterized by its uniform, equipment, rules and discipline. This kind of sports can be broadly classified into three main categories, the Olympic sports, intercollegiate sports and Association sports.

Professional sport encompasses almost all the sports in the world. Some well known examples are ice hockey, American football, Australian rugby league, bodybuilding, cricket, Australian soccer, American football, motor racing, polo, tennis, boxing, hockey, gymnastics, sailing, hockey, Australian rugby league, cricket, Australian soccer, motor racing, and American football. In some of the countries like Australia, Canada, United States, and South Africa, professional sport is strongly identified with a particular sporting code or league, such as American football or English cricket. In other countries, professional sport is generally a part of the competitive culture, and there are substantial non-professional competitions around the world. National associations also occur in some countries, like South Africa, which has association football as one of the major sports.