Using Freebies With Video Game Design to Enhance Gameplay

Games are fantastic diversion for people of all ages. When you get bored with what’s happening around you, a good game can help you escape to a world of magic and fantasy. Gaming can actually be a great workout for the brain disguised as pure fun. A lot of scientific studies have proven that playing computer games regularly can increase grey matter in the human brain and enhance brain connectivity.


Games like chess and poker involve a lot of mental acuity because each time a player makes a decision, they have to come up with a new strategy to beat their opponents. This can actually be quite stressful to players who are used to relying solely on physical skill to win. A great way to alleviate some of the stress, other than finding a game where there is no stress involved like chess or poker, is to give away free tokens to players. There are lots of game developers who have given out tokens to players throughout the history of gaming. These tokens don’t just give you a fun little twist to your normal game; they actually serve a purpose.

In games like chess and poker where there is very limited gameplay, it is not necessary to provide real-life money or other resources to play. Players who lack physical skills can still win without spending a dime by simply using their imagination to come up with strategies and tactics to beat their opponents. In these kinds of games, it doesn’t matter how skilled a player is as long as they can come up with a unique strategy to beat their opponents. Using these simple, yet effective tokens to create a more engaging gameplay is one of the best ways to not only encourage people to keep playing, but also improve their game.