Sports and Society

Sports movies can be quite thrilling if they are well made and have a decent plot. Generally a sports movie is a movie genre which uses sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s usually a documentary type production in which a sports event, sport, player, or fan of particular sport are heavily involved, and that rely on sports to some extent for their story inspiration or resolution. It can also be a sports movie that is produced by an individual or an agency, with the association of a particular sports team or group acting as sponsors.

The word “sports” itself is used broadly to refer to any kind of competitive athletic activity with corresponding terms such as games, athletics, game/ice-breaking competitions, etc. It’s very common for these terms to include other sub-categories like games (an example is American football), physical activities (again an example is American football), or mental activities (another example is American football). Today there’s a lot more subjectivity added to the definition of what constitutes a sports event as opposed to just two or three decades ago. Sports events can now include all types of competitive physical activity, including swimming, diving, gymnastics, fencing, track & field, motor sports (like horse racing), weightlifting, tennis, soccer, golf, auto-racing, cricket, and surfing.

Sports are competitive athletic endeavors that involve team or individual competitions or training exercises that require both physical and mental exertion. Sports can be of various types. The most common sports are contact sports where the participants engage in throwing, kicking, punching, wrestling, etc; endurance sports where participants complete long distances or durations; sports that require special skill such as diving, gymnastics, ice-skating, etc; sports that use helmets; sports where players use the ball; and sports where players use a variety of motions. It has been noted that contact sports such as football may also involve a mix of these activities but exclude the skills-based activities (exercises) from the definition. This is in keeping with the argument that physical exertion and skill can be necessary for the successful completion of any sports event.