Types of Computer Games

Games are just anything that we do, for pleasure. Many activities are games, and in most cases there are also sports involved. In these instances, there’s usually money to be made. There are other types of games with many different types of equipment involved.


Game definition was first systematic in the 1900s through linguist Dieter Hecking. Game definitions were based on formal games like those that were played on UNO, or in a formal setting like a game of golf between players at an international tournament. The first formal game definition was Dances of Life, which was defined by its creator, Ludwig von Wittenberg as an “interactive poetry”. Since then, we have had literary works, computer games, board games, word games, mathematical games, musical games, racing games, sporting games and trivia games.

Every type of game has an underlying theme, as there is in any type of activity. Games have themes that may include war, sports, hunting, animals, cooking, puzzles, cooking, farming, space, driving, education, literature, sex, and so many others. Some games, like chess, have become almost universal, with players engaging in tactical and strategic thinking while trying to achieve victory; others like board games have a particular theme, usually a race or tribe, a battle, or even a city. There is always some kind of theme involved, as it makes the game more interesting. These games can still involve very complicated mathematics, as in the case of chess, or they may involve lots of hands-on skill.