The Concept of Beauty in Different Areas of Cultures

Beauty is widely defined as a pleasant subjective aspect of objects which makes these objects pleasant to see. These objects include beautiful sunsets, landscapes, humans and exquisite works of art. Beauty, along with beauty and art, is possibly the most significant theme of aesthetics, another of the most important branches of psychology. This branch of psychology studies how people think about and respond to the world around them and their relation to beauty.


The idea of beauty varies greatly from culture to culture. In many cultures, beauty is associated with a particular society or culture. For example, in much of Europe, beauty standards are very different from those of North America or Australia and they involve more modest clothing, cleanliness, family values and so on. In these places, the idea of beauty varies with time and place.

For example, in Greece the idea of beauty usually refers to physical attributes such as strength, beauty and so on, whereas in the United States beauty is typically defined by white skin, straight hair and a slender waistline. In some parts of Africa, however, beauty is often associated with a spiritual aspect such as spiritual teachings or being respected socially for one’s beauty. In East Asia, for instance, beauty is considered beautiful because Asians are used to seeing physically fit and young women are expected to be very attractive. However, Eastern European and Asian cultures also have strong cultural messages about beauty, especially when it comes to the need to be attractive at all times. Beauty is important and considered beautiful in some cultures, while in others, it is not regarded as important at all.