The Most Important Definition of Health

In today’s world, what it means to be healthy has become a bit of a misnomer. Many people associate being healthy with looking good and maybe staying thin. However, the definition of “healthy” has changed over the years. The word “healthy” now typically involves following a balanced diet, exercising regularly, minimizing one’s stress, maintaining a reasonable weight, and avoiding or reducing the use of tobacco and alcohol. All of these things contribute to a healthy lifestyle, but many people also consider certain behaviors to be part of the definition of health as well.


Health, as described by the World Health Organization, is a “systems approach” that involves the maintenance of “complete bodily systems”. A variety of definitions were used over the years for the purpose of describing the definition of health. In general, however, most health systems are focused on the prevention and treatment of a condition, infection, or injury. An example of a health system might include the immunology system, which addresses diseases and disorders that affect the body’s various systems and organs.

A third definition of health, which was made famous by the philosopher Aristotle, is the ability of a person to endure pain and to function normally in his or her surroundings. According to this third definition, health can be affected by the kinds of pains people experience on a daily basis. Aristotle believed that health consisted of four elements, which included appetite, pain, medicine and courage. In addition, he believed that the definition of health had to do with the ability of a person to endure pain, and that it did not matter whether the pain was physical or psychological. In order for a person to have a healthy body and a healthy mind, both elements had to be balanced.