How to Play Free Online Board Games

Games as a Service (GaS) was originally introduced as an obstacle between user engagement and costly user cost concerns. It provides a cost-effective means to mitigate user acquisition costs without compromising quality. It also makes available a wide array of choice for consumers, which is not possible with the traditional pay-for-play model. With the evolution of mobile computing, more games are being developed that can be accessed through the mobile phone user’s mobile device.


Most games that are available for purchase on a pay-per-play basis require the players to complete sets of in-game objectives before they can advance to the next level. This often proves to be frustrating for players who do not have patience for such activities. The introduction of games as a service is aimed to provide the players with an engaging experience that requires them to exert greater control over the decisions they make in the process. The different types of games that can be accessed through a network are considerably more engaging and fun than pay-to-plays, which require players to perform actions in order to progress through the game.

One example of this is the popular card game Settlers of Canaan, which can be downloaded for free. Players compete against each other in the quest to build the greatest city in the land by gaining cards and ridding their cities of particular settlers. The game eventually results into a final showdown between the last remaining player and the winner of the game. Players also can choose to participate in short-term games or long-term strategic games, which can be played on their computers. This option allows players to practice new strategies without worrying about losing real money.