What Is Beauty?

Beauty is a very subjective concept and the definition of it can vary across cultures. Some cultures have a more aristocratic view of beauty, while others believe it is an acquired taste. Regardless of how you define beauty, it should be a goal of designers. While the experience of beauty may be profound, it also has the potential to be a source of meaning and fulfillment in life. But what is beauty?

The word “beauty” can be synonymous with aesthetic value, or it can denote a certain class of aesthetic value. In art and aesthetics, beauty indicates the quality of a work of art or an object that is aesthetically pleasing. In other words, beauty is more than a term of approbation. It must be supported by relevant value criteria, which need not be identical in different artistic mediums. Regardless of the definition of beauty, it should be an expressive, transformative experience.

While Philebus focuses on the subjective experience of beauty, it is an essential part of aesthetics. In aesthetics, beauty is a mode of good taste or aesthetic object. The word “beautiful” is often used to signal excellence in art or aesthetic objects. However, beauty is not merely a term of approval; it should be accompanied by relevant value criteria, which need not be the same for different artistic media.